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It’s no secret that I’ve got the best girl in the world, so when I came to her 5 years ago and wanted to build a CNC machine in our garage, she was skeptical, but agreed. Men, after all need a hobby.

After 4 months of delivery vehicles creating a traffic jam in my driveway, I had the first working version. It was very accurate, but very slow. I cut a few cool items, like the snowflakes you can see in our gallery, and I cut all the cabinets we put into a kitchen renovation, but in order to make money with this machine, I would need to make it “better, stronger, faster”!

More traffic jams, and many more dollars later, and I had finally engineered an amazing machine, fast and accurate, and able to cut not only wood, but aluminum, steel, and even granite!

We made some very nice signs for family and friends, but never thought of it as a business... not yet.

A few weeks ago that all changed. We received a shipment from China that weighed as much as a toyota. Our new UV flatbed printer, capable of printing on anything, with instantly cured UV ink, and a work area of 1000mm x 1500mm or 3’ x 5’. We have been trying it out with a number of applications and it is really exciting to see the results.

We were now ready to open for business. We only needed a name... which was provided by our son, Owen who is half way through a public relations course at Durham College. He said we should call ourselves, “Maple Street Sign Shop”. It conveys our philosophy of a small town business, with personalized service, fast turn around, and great quality. Add to that my own, “Work smarter, not harder” philosophy, and we can even offer better prices than the big guys.

Take a look at our facebook page, and at We are proud of our small town business, and look forward to making some new clients and friends.

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