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CNC Carved Outdoor Sign 36" x 60" x 1.5"

CNC Carved Outdoor Sign 36" x 60" x 1.5"

SKU: HDU3660

These CNC carved outdoor signs are designed from the inside out to survive all weather conditions. Made with a High Density Urethane core, which doesn't shrink or expand with temperature fluctuations, is impermeable to water, and detailed with the best quality outdoor paint available, these will be the showpiece of your storefront, or residence for many years.


When you place your order, email the graphic you want printed to and quote the Order ID number in the subject line along with SKU HDU3660

  • Care Instructions

    Keep clean with a cloth and water.  The exterior paint used is meant to last for many years, however if it fades or chips, simply clean the area and apply new urethane paint. The HDU board is quite rigid, however if the board breaks for whatever reason, it can be glued to like new condition with any urethane glue, like gorilla glue etc.

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